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About Us

About Us

Nurture Environmental Commons for Sustainability (NECOS) is a Zambian local based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). NECOS was founded and registered in 2020 and has its secretariat office in one of the peri urban areas of Lusaka, in Government Farms with community works reaching Zambia‘s disadvantaged rural and peri urban communities. It’s committed to providing services aimed at addressing environmental issues in the target areas and beyond. The organization is engaged in Water, Ecological Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH), environmental management and provides alternative developmental approaches among the affected communities.

NECOS is managed by the management team headed by the Executive Director. The management team is engaged in action oriented research, formulates policies and programs which are implemented at community level. NECOS is targeting the marginalised peri urban and rural communities in Zambia; currently NECOS is working with 2 marginalised communities across 2 districts namely Lusaka District (Madimba and Katuba) and Chibombo District.


The mission statement is to target the 21st Century and beyond where people, their cites, communities and the environment in which they live are envisaged to be healthy and in harmony with nature; achieved through ecologically sound management practices and sustainable development with the theme ‘healthy people and healthy environment’.


NECOS OBJECTIVES In order to accomplish its mission, the organization shall pursue the following objectives;

  1. Reduce ground water Contamination
  2. To identify and develop ecological priority indicators of public health importance.
  3. To bring in issues of gender, poverty and HIV/AIDS in environmental management.
  4. To integrate ecological sanitation into agriculture by promoting the use of waste as fertilizer e.g. Human waste.
  5. To establish a resource centre to avail sound knowledge transfer through education and training on environmental issues.
  6. To promote natural resource conservation including aquatic ecosystem (biological diversification).
  7. To promote non-motorized transport i.e. safe pedestrian and use of bicycles.
  8. To promote ecoscape integrity (environmental landscaping i.e. tree planting, parks, plazas targeting learning institutions as well as communities).
  9. To collaborate and network with communities, institutions and organizations at local, national, regional and global levels with similar objectives.
  10. To promote ecological awareness – help people understand their place in nature, cultural identity, responsibility for the environment and help them change for better nutrition and to contribute to maintain high quality peri-urban ecosystem.
  11. To promote smart agriculture (conservation farming) and weather Index Insurance.
  12. To empower the community through good governance.
  13. To supplement government efforts in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals



To advocate policy change on environmental issues especially on onsite sanitation, network and coordination of environmental mechanisms, building capacity for both community and institutions and is the centre of knowledge on Environmental issues in the community.


People-oriented, eco-residency development requires a comprehensive understanding of complex interaction between environmental, economic and socio-culture factors based on ecological principles. Cities, towns and villages should be ecologically designed to enhance the health and quality of life of inhabitants especially children and women and maintain the ecosystems on which they depend. As a health/ecological expert and environmental concerned persons, the utmost desire is not only to help mitigate health and environmental related problems through the formulation of priority preventive and conservative actions but also; to lobby, campaign, encourage and support the implementation of the remedial environmental concerns..


NECOS is committed to providing the highest quality service provision countrywide. This commitment can only be maintained through the efforts of its technical management team in the organisation.

We believe that to maintain and grow this dedicated team, we must provide a challenging, stable and pleasant work environment, which offers many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. NECOS, maintain an open, honest and comfortable atmosphere where the workers can feel free about their work and their colleagues.

The following values are the driving force in the humble and heartfelt efforts in pursuit of excellence in service in all our projects;

  1. Quality Services – A commitment to quality is a commitment to the best in all of us. Self-respect and respect for others are rewards that result from a quality job.
  2. Client Satisfaction – Striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our client’s highest expectation is our goal. This we achieve by building good client relationships through leadership, innovative solutions and hard work.
  3. Teamwork – At NECOS we believe that the team is greater than the sum of its parts. Simply stated, our organisation is only as good as the chemistry that exists between us.
  4. Individual Initiative – The courage and tenacity required to promote new ideas is a result of the hero that exists in all of us. We encourage everyone to look for better ways of doing things and foster the forums in which expressing those ideas become reality.
  5. Flexibility – Willingness to change, adapt to the ever-changing scenarios, learning from others and be committed to improving the living conditions of the poor people in the community.

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